Summergate’s annual roadshow is about to kick-off with Elements!

Shanghai - Following on the success of the previous 2 roadshows—Illuminating China (2014) and SENSES (2015) — 2016 will see the third installment which promises to be Summergate’s most ambitious and exciting yet. This year’s theme, “5 ELEMENTS”, is a way of blending the ancient Chinese culture with modern drinks appreciation in the hopes of being able to better resonate with local Chinese consumers. Visiting 6 cities across mainland China during the month of July, the roadshow will aim to share the depth and variety of Summergate’s portfolio with customers and media around the country. Last year’s Roadshow attracted more than 1,500 attendees, including key customers across all channels, as well as extensive media coverage across local TV, as well as traditional and digital media networks.

This year’s event will let guests discover how the 5 ELEMENTS of ancient Taoist philosophy are responsible for creating the galaxies that exist deep inside a glass of wine, water or spirits. Attendees will venture into a fun and exciting experience, where drinks take on new meaning through the ELEMENTS of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each booth will represent one of the five elements and will demonstrate a thematic link between products and their corresponding element.

The “Wood” booth allows guests to enter a cooperage to learn the importance of barrel making and the influence of oak on winemaking. The “Fire” booth focuses on wines from Concha y Toro and uses the brand’s Devilish nature as inspiration. Guests must courageously enter the Devil’s Cellar where everything is ablaze to try their personal selections—there is even a virtual reality game center. “Earth” is a whimsical and creative exploration of the effects of terroir on a wine’s identity. 4 Dragon Kings constructed out of water bottles represent Summergate’s four water brands at the “Water” table. Finally, “Metal” is a mysterious parallel of ancient Chinese alchemy and modern cocktail making.

Since becoming sole distributor of Perrier in 2007, Summergate has evolved its portfolio beyond only wine. Perrier has continued as the major imported sparkling water in the China market. Summergate has gone on to not only begin distribution of Vittel, the official mineral water of the Tour de France, but from this year will also act as sole importer and distributor of S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna in mainland China, premium Italian waters that are focused on the fine dining scene.

Starting from The London No1 Gin, Summergate has been also steadily increasing its portfolio of Spirits, known as “Summergate Spirits of Independence” owning to the preference to partner with independent producers and brands. From historical Irish whiskey to bartender favorite’s of Italian bitters, the range is even more comprehensive with the recent inclusion of the Beluga Noble Russian Vodka and Corralejo.

Wine is still at the heart of our business and this year will see Summergate welcoming partnerships with many industry heavyweights such as Jackson Family Wines, producer of the iconic Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, and Treasury Wines Estates.  The deal agreement with TWE is for a multi-year partnership for Summergate to become one of TWE’s official importers and distributors of Penfolds and Wolf Blass wines in China, and will include exclusive ranges.

Further diversifying the portfolio to better serve our customers, Summergate has recently signed an exclusive agreement with Coravin for mainland China. Arguably the greatest innovation in the wine industry in recent years, the Coravin is a unique tool that allows one to extract wine from the bottle through the cork over a prolonged period of time, while at the same time keeping it in its original condition.

“Events like 5 ELEMENTS are not only important for educating the market to support continued growth, but also demonstrate the company’s personality and creative approach to distribution which has made it so successful.”

- Ian Ford, Co-Founder and CEO of Summergate Fine Wines & Spirits

See the below roadshow dates and locations, and scan the QR codes to watch the the brochure with all of the details to ELEMENTS.

July 6rd ~ Hangzhou

July 13nd ~ Xiamen

July 19th ~ Wuhan

July 8th ~ Shenyang

July 15th ~ Qingdao

July 21th ~ Chengdu

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