Cantina Zaccagnini was established in 1978 by the Zaccagnini family and is located in Bolognano in the heart of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Today Marcello Zaccagnini continues the traditions laid down by his father Ciccio. The winery has close ties with the art world as many works hang in their cellars and are positioned around the winery. There are 150 hectares of vines farmed sustainably. Every bottle comes with a tralcetto or stem tied to the bottle as sign of respect and love of the land and vineyards.

Balliamo means let us dance in Italian and reflects the playful nature of this range of easy drinking wines that span three regions: Veneto, Prosecco and Sicily. Blended especially for us, these wines are fruit driven, fresh and perfect for sharing with friends and pairing with daily cuisine eg. seafood salads &thai food, pasta... and provides incredible value for their price point.

Anterra means “ancient land” in Italian, referring to the rich viticultural history of Italy. It is a Sicilian brand produced by Mezzacorona, a producer with over 110 years history. Anterra is estate bottled from 900 ha of sustainably farmed vineyards from two regions in Sicily: Sambuca di Sicilia in the West and Acate, in the South. Sicily being hot, sunny and Mediterranean allows for sustainable practices such as reduced use of chemical treatments. The winery is partially built underground which is cooler and require less energy use.

In his 35 years of activity, Luciano Sandrone, owner and winemaker, has been collecting extraordinary ratings and growing recognition from international consumers and collectors. The winery produces limited quantities of pure, concentrated and complex wines, that reflect all the integrity and dedication for the land of Luciano and his family.

At the end of the 19th century, Lavinio Franceschi, a landowner from Scandicci and modern businessman, found himself in a region whose farming methods seemed trapped in the medieval age. With a strong vision to produce high-class wine, Lavinio Franceschi selected the new Sangiovese clones, planting them in the suitable terroirs. Franceschi built a state-of-the-art new winery to optimize and capture the traditional characteristics of the product. Over a century later, the innovator's quality-driven approach is credence for his successors, Leopoldo and Livia, who run the vineyard today.

Torresella, a stone’s throw from the Adriatic Sea in Eastern Veneto, has clayey, mineral-rich soil and a Torresella unique microclimate.

In recent years it has reaffirmed its ancient passion for winegrowing since the Roman era. Torresella combines environmentally friendly, cutting-edge techniques with the traditions of the past, producing excellent quality results. When past and present come together, an exquisite wine is assured.

Ricasoli literally wrote the book on how to make Chianti Classico.

Ricasoli have been Chianti specialists, being at the same time points of reference for tradition and pioneers of innovation. The success among international critics and consumers proves the timeless charm and quality of these

Beni di Batasiolo has been for decades a successful ambassador brand of Piedmont in the world, gaining with value and approachability the support of consumers and critics. Batasiolo produces prestigious wines from 9 of the excellent vineyards of the area, including 5 Barolo's cru, owning 140 hectares all in Barolo. They offer a complete range that covers some of the very important appellations of the region.

Since 1874, the long-standing Speri family from Valpolicella stands out thanks to their seven generation long grape-growing passion and for making wines that are an authentic expression of their terroir. The Speri winery is a great and traditional producer of one of the prestigious wines of Valpolicella: the Amarone. They own 60 hectares in one of the very important Valpolicella classico area, they do not purcahse any grapes from others and its wines and terroir have become a point of reference for Italian enology.

After the Friuli wine region was devastated during World War II, Livio Felluga was instrumental in leading the region back to making some of Italy’s wonderful wines by reestablishing its wine-making heritage. Today, the Livio Felluga estate owns 160 hillside hectares: that passion for wine and respect for tradition remains the driving force behind Livio Felluga’s wines today.

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