Proverb celebrates the bond between wine, culture and the wisdom of life. Our rich, memorable and fruit-forward wines are carefully crafted with California grapes, harvested at optimum ripeness, for superlative flavor. Every glass of Proverb is a celebration of the connection between wine and the wisdom that comes with a life well-lived.

Fine wine like fine art also elicits romantic visions

Inspired by Andy Warhol, one of the influential artists of the twentieth century, Winemaker Dave Phinney.
L’usine is the French word for “The Factory”. It is an homage to all the Warhols of the world. All those with disdain for the status quo of a defined or insinuated model. All of those with the defiant nature shared by artists and winemakers past and present.

A bottle, a story and a Soul
Dave Phinney - Winemaker of the year 2019 <Wine Enthusiast>*

Orin Swift, led by winemaker Dave Phinney, is a brand known as much for its creative and evocative expression of art on the front of the bottle as it is the bold, yet finessed styling within the bottle. Based out of Saint Helena, within the prized Napa Valley, Orin Swift features a portfolio of wines that appeal to a variety of senses. It all begins in the vineyard. Sourcing for the Orin Swift family takes Dave across the state of California, with special interest in the Napa Valley, Sonoma County and Santa Barbara. He sets his sights on small lots within the most coveted growing regions while ensuring that only fruit of the highest quality makes it in to the final blend. Every wine in the portfolio, from the vineyard source to the distinct artwork adorning the label, offers a unique point of view while creating a heart-skipping impression.

Wine Enthusiast’s 2019 Wine Star Award Winners

Iconic Napa wines including powerful bordeaux blend
“Things just get better and better at Pahlmeyer.” – Robert Parker, Jr. (The Wine Advocate)

Pahlmeyer was founded by a desire to be great by its eponymous creator Jayson Pahlmeyer. With a dream to create a ‘California blend what would rival the best of Bordeaux', Jayson and his partners spared no resource to make this dream a reality.
Whether it was finding the perfect piece of land high atop Napa Valley’s Atlas Peak or covertly smuggling in Bordeaux cuttings, all pieces of Pahlmeyer’s history have led to its place as one of the established brand names from Napa Valley.
Following first release of ‘Proprietary Red’, Pahlmeyer found a great deal of success and an growing popularity with consumers and critics alike, including a rare 100-point score* from The Wine Advocate.

Legacy of crafting premium Cabernet Sauvignon

Louis M. Martini is an iconic Napa Valley winery since 1933. Pioneering founder Louis M. Martini played an integral role in establishing Napa Valley as one of the world’s premier winegrowing regions. Today, the winery continues this winemaking tradition with a range of celebrated Cabernet Sauvignon wines from Napa Valley and premier sites in Sonoma County.

In 1968, with rebellion in the air, Barney Fetzer started a revolution of his own. Through creativity, passion and lots of hard work, he blazed a trail to sustainability. His philosophy was simple – earth friendly grapes are better grapes, and better grapes make better wine. It wasn't easy to buck a century of tradition and inspire an entire industry to change, but doing the right thing seldom is.

The reference point for extraordinary Zinfandel and Cabernet from California.

Founded in 1885, Ridge relies on nature and tradition rather than technology. Their approach is straightforward: find intense, flavorful grapes; intrude upon the process only when necessary; A natural process, a 19th Century model of minimum intervention.

Kendall-Jackson is the benchmark of excellence and integrity in California winemaking: "the family-owned American winery" trusted by generations of wine enthusiasts and novices alike for handcrafting consistent, high-quality wines from the cool, coastal and high elevation vineyards in California.

Occidental story starts in 1975, when Steve Kistler started his career in the wine business. He fell in love with a vineyard named "OCCIDENTAL Vineyard", because it was located on the top of a coastal site, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. He fell in love with Pinot Noir and its truly unique characteristics, vivid aromatics, a bright natural acidity and from that point onward, he devoted his life to the Pinot noir. After years of purchasing small plots that suited the growing and developing of this precious grape, he founded Occidental in 2011, a winery dedicated to the production of world-class pinot noir from the Freestone-Occidental area. Today, Occidental farms 85 acres of pinot noir. The vineyards are farmed with great skill and commitment by many of the same men and women who have worked alongside with him at Kistler Vineyards.

Founded in 1978, Kistler Vineyards is a small, family-owned and operated winery in the Russian River Valley specializing in the production of Burgundian-style Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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