The meaning of the word antipodes is at the very heart of our water – it is quite literally poles apart. To us it represents both a place of origin and an attitude to everything we stand for.

antipodes /an-tip-o-deez/ 1. Australia and New Zealand form the perspective of Europe; 2. a pair of points, places or things that are diametrically opposite each other; antipodal a.: situated on the opposite of the globe; antipodean a.; of , relating to or from the Antipodes.

Our founder Simon Wooley, a restaurateur could not understand why fine restaurants in New Zealand were importing mineral water from Europe when in New Zealand we could source pristine mineral water that could compete with any fine water in the world. Fine water is a central element in the enjoyment of wine and cuisine - its sole purpose is to hydrate and refresh, whilst cleansing the palate. For this reason we sought out the source of Antipodes deliberately to offer a mineral water that is ideally suited to enhance the fine dining experience.

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