Anterra means “ancient land” in Italian, referring to the rich viticultural history of Italy. It is a Sicilian brand produced by Mezzacorona, a producer with over 110 years history. Anterra is estate bottled from 900 ha of sustainably farmed vineyards from two regions in Sicily: Sambuca di Sicilia in the West and Acate, in the South. Sicily being hot, sunny and Mediterranean allows for sustainable practices such as reduced use of chemical treatments. The winery is partially built underground which is cooler and require less energy use.

Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe has been in the Brunier family for six generations, beginning in 1891. The winery is in Bédarrides, at the south eastern area of the appellation. The Domaine is named after inventor Claude Chappe’s visual telegraph tower that was built on the property. Daniel Brunier describes the style of Vieux Télégraphe as Burgundian because he is handles Grenache like a Pinot Noir, which results in delicate, almost perfumed Châteauneuf du Pape without jamminess or over ripeness.

Mathieu Moron and Pierre Olivier Garcia are childhood friends that finish each other’s sentences. They began making wines in 2016; 2500 bottles in total. The Chateau is a renovated house turned winery that they purchased in the centre of Nuits Saint Georges. Their farming methods exceed biodynamic standards: they both believe that vineyard health is synonymous with a balanced ecosystem which explains the chickens used to graze their vineyards and the horses when they can afford to.

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David Moret studied viticulture and oenology and then sold winery equipment to local growers and winemakers before starting his own label as a micro-négociant in 2000, out of his small cellar in the centre of Beaune. David only makes white Burgundies which are intense, bold and polished, like the man himself, the wines are jolly, enthusiastic is best served with good food and company. His wines are listed at many top tables in France and England and he is one of those small producers that those in the know, would like to keep a secret.

Mark Haisma is an Australia winemaker (ex Yarra Yerring) working as a micro-negociant in Burgundy. He started his label in 2007 and due to his small production, all his wines are on allocation. Mark’s range begins with two easy drinking wines called ‘A Bogan in Bogandy’, poking fun at his Australian roots. Bogan is slang for an unsophisticated person and Bogandy is a play on words. It is not easy being a foreigner in Burgundy where grapes are in high demand therefore it is quite an accomplishment that he has managed to purchase various parcels, including Echezeaux Grand Cru.

A Wine Legend.

The history of Casillero del Diablo begins more than 135 years ago, at a time when the founder of Viña Concha y Toro, Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, stored his fine wines in a cellar, behind a wrought-iron locked gate. After noticing wine being stolen from the cellar, Don Melchor de Concha y Toro spread a rumor that the devil lived there. From that day on no other bottles disappeared. Decades later the story was captured by Casillero del Diablo, a Cabernet Sauvignon launched in the 60s with its 1966 vintage. Over time the brand grew, adding new varieties and product lines until it became a recognized Chilean wine brand in the world today.

Pol Roger is both a champagne and a family institution with a tradition of excellence. Pol Roger founded his champagne house in Epernay in 1849. Through 5 generations and 160 years of history, Pol Roger's direct descendants have owned and run this proudly independent firm – one of the very famous in Champagne – whose wines are prized by champagne lovers throughout the world. Their famous Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill. Continuity, family, and striving always to improve lie at the heart of Pol’s success story.

It was prepared as Pol Roger's formal tribute to the company's distinguished customer.

Villa Maria was established in 1961. In just 50 years it is recognized as an icon in the New Zealand wine industry. Truly exceptional wine made by passionate people encapsulates Villa Maria's success story.

Tribu is developed as an easy-drinking wine, in a range covering typical grape varieties produced in Argentina such as Malbec and Torrontés as well as other vibrant wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Chardonnay.

The estate Thibault Liger-Belair dates back to 1720 and developed a reputation as one of the representative estates of the Cote de Nuites in Burgundy. Thibault is the latest generation of this noble family and took over in 2003. He strictly applies since then his philosophy stating the necessity to follow the will of nature while crafting its wines, obtaining true, pure expressions of the terroirs.

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