L’ Évangile is a House in Bordeaux situated on the famed plateau of Pomerol. It is at the heart of this natural laboratory that the earthand the heavens bring new lessons for each vintage.

The property of Rieussec is magnificently situated on the right bank of the river Ciron in Sauternes, Bordeaux. It is here that a miracle of nature occurs each year. A raw material of infinite nobility develops and allows the men who understand it to create wines that are both powerful and delicate, year after year. Château Rieussec has been ranked a First Growth since 1855.

Château Duhart-Milon, previously also Château Duhart-Milon-Rothschild, is a winery in the Pauillac appellation of the Bordeaux region of France.The 76 hectares of vines consist of Cabernet Sauvignon (67%) and Merlot (33%). The average age of the vines is 30 years.

Gosset, founded in 1584, is the oldest wine house in Champagne. In 1584, Pierre Gosset, alderman of Aÿ and wine-grower, made still, mostly red, wines from the grapes he harvested from his own vines.

Wines and fruit-liqueurs from Burgundy and Beaujolais. "We do well only that we know well". This has always been Trénel’s motto. Maison Trénel is a company made of traditions, Burgundian traditions, those of fruit-liqueurs and wines.

For M. CHAPOUTIER, the vintage is left as is: no processes such as chaptalisation, the addition of yeast or acidifying agents which would impinge on the unexpected by-products of a capricious climate. M. CHAPOUTIER wines are crafted with uttermost attention and respect. Winemaking and vineyard management are the strict representation of the terroir and the vintage, like a painter would discreetly signs at the bottom of his work.

The Bichot family who settled in Burgundy in 1350 and founded their wine business in 1831, onehundred and ninety years ago is also behind the Jean Bouchard wines. In 1926, the Bichot family began a partnership with Jean Bouchard, a company then based in Bordeaux. The Bichot family purchased the company in 1955, allowing Jean Bouchard to continue to run the business. As anhomage to Jean’s past legacy, the label was revived in early 2000 especially for the retail channel. The family is big on sustainability and viticulture is carried out by following this concept.While Jean Bouchard wines are sourced from different regional growers, it shares the samewinemaking team and facilities which are owned by Albert Bichot.

The Bichot family settled in Burgundy in 1350 and founded their wine business in 1831, one hundred and ninety years ago. Today, Alberic Bichot is the 6th generation to run this historical house that is headquartered in Beaune. They own six estates in Burgundy with 100 hectares of land. The wines from their own estates are made from 100% estate grown fruit under the various domaine names, while the wines under the Albert Bichot label are from their negociant business of purchased grapes. The family is big on sustainability and no synthetic chemicals are used in viticulture. In the winery the aim is for a light touch allowing the wines to show their sense of place.

It’s rare that a wine can tell a story different enough from the rest to arouse curiosity. But the wines from the Domaine d’Aussières are the sum of a unique series of circumstances, ambitious decisions, a partnership with nature and the knowledge, intense desire and perseverance to produce something exceptional.
When the Rothschild family visited Aussières in 1999 the buildings were crumbling and the land, long since untended, lay overgrown. But what appeared was an untamed beauty with a history and a soul, and fertile land for grapes to grow.
The estate lay in a hollow of the rugged hills just behind the Mediterranean coastline, in the south of France. Beneath its high rocks, where a pair of royal eagles’ nest, stood small oaks, pines and juniper battered by the wind and the essence of wild rosemary, thyme and lavender evaporating under the burning sun. The 173 hectares at the center of the estate had been used to grow grapes for the better part of the last 2000 years and were now a unique opportunity to bring the spirit of Lafite and rebuild a substantial winery i n a microclimate like nowhere else in the world.

Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe has been in the Brunier family for six generations, beginning in 1891. The winery is in Bédarrides, at the south eastern area of the appellation. The Domaine is named after inventor Claude Chappe’s visual telegraph tower that was built on the property. Daniel Brunier describes the style of Vieux Télégraphe as Burgundian because he is handles Grenache like a Pinot Noir, which results in delicate, almost perfumed Châteauneuf du Pape without jamminess or over ripeness.

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