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Domaine de Cigalus

With the purchase of Domaine de Cigalus in 1995, Gérard Bertrand finally found the terroir he had been searching for. A terroir where noble grape varieties, both red and white, can express themselves in an exceptional and original way while still preserving a Mediterranean authenticity, the very identity of Languedoc wines. Domaine de Cigalus is the result of a desire to create a viticultural world apart with the influence of Mediterranean. The vines surrounding the property only add to the magic and unique aspect of this estate.

Domaine Cigalus enjoys a hot, sunny Mediterranean climate (described as “semi-arid with temperate spring variants”) ensuring early ripening of all the grape varieties. This arid climate (low rainfall) is offset by the very deep soils (sediments deposited by the Aussou, a stream at the edge of the estate) which store the winter rains for longer but which are less fertile due to the presence of a slightly chalky sandstone in the subsoil, dating back to the Campanian (secondary era, prior to the emergence of the Pyrenees).

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