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González Byass Jerez

While Tío Pepe is a brand name for their fino sherries, González Byass is the name of the company and the brand of their wider sherry range.

Following on stylistically from the lighter styled dry sherries to richer styled dry and sweet, is González Byass Amontillado Viña AB. It begins as a Tío Pepe Fino ageing under the flor yeast but loses its flor and is subject to oxidative ageing which results in amber colour, increased concentration with richer hazelnut, saline notes. Next is the Alfonso Oloroso that begins with fortification to 18% abv and has no flor so is aged oxidatively for its entire life. It is aged for at least 8 years, resulting in a deep amber colour with aromas of walnuts, truffle and leather. The Leonor Palo Cortado has 12 years of age and it is fortified to 18% abv and it has a light mahogany colour with aromas of roasted hazelnuts and bitter orange.

Sherry can be made sweet when blended with sweet Pedro Ximénez (PX) Sherry. Cristina Medium is an Oloroso blended with a sweet Pedro Ximénez Sherry that results in 40g/l** of residual sugar. Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherries spend four years ageing separately in their soleras before being blended and aged for another three years before release. It is medium sweet with flavours of sultana raisins, dried figs and vanilla on the finish. Solera 1847 is a Cream Sherry with 128g/l** of residual sugar. It is a blend of Oloroso and sweet Pedro Ximénez Sherry aged four years separately and then four years together, which results in a perfect balance of rich nuttiness and sweetness. On the nose we have aromas of raisins, vanilla, oak and a slight hint of almonds. On the palate we have dried dates with caramel and roasted nuts on the finish. Nectar is at the very sweet end and exactly as described, a nectar of Pedro Ximénez grapes with 370g/l** of residual sugar. It is aged on average 8 years and is ebony in colour with a rich nose of raisins, dates, treacle and molasses.

In the VORS range, a rare collection of sherries, each Sherry is made in the same way as their younger counterparts but receives additional ageing to bring up the average age to 30 years by putting them in their respective VORS soleras where they gain their characteristic concentration and immense complexity.

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